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Moku Linen Room Shoe - Navy


The Moku Linen Room Shoes from Kontex are lightweight and comfortable slippers for comfy days at home.  The ever-popular Moku Linen Towel by Kontex has been a favorite for many years. Kontex saw this as an opportunity and in turn has progressed the Moku range into a cozy room shoe that you'll look forward to slipping into on leisurely mornings or after a long day of work.


Medium - Suitable for a 7-8 US Womens & 5.5-6.5 US Mens (feet length 23 - 24.5cm)

Large - Suitable for a 8.5-9.5 US Womens & 7-8 US Mens (feet length 25 - 26.5cm)

X-Large - Suitable for a 11.5-13 US Womens & 10-11.5 US Mens (feet length 27 - 28.5cm)

Materials: 60% cotton, 40% linen

Room Shoe Sizing Tips: Room shoes are designed for maximum comfort and are very forgiving when it comes to sizing, but it is important that the user's foot is not larger than the footbed. Please use the sizing chart above to inform product selections and customer decisions. Note that, in addition to the US sizing equivalents outlined here, foot measurements can be taken in centimeters and compared to the Japanese sizes, which are also measured in centimeters. If a person falls between sizes, they may want to round up, and if they have particularly wide feet, they should also consider moving up a size.

Care: These shoes feature a soft sole and are intended to only be worn indoors. Do not wear them outdoors or on cement. Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low.


Kontex towels are woven at gentle speeds on an old fashioned weaving machine. This process brings out the natural softness of the materials and makes the towels as soft and silky as cashmere, yet durable enough for everyday use.

Kontex artisans have learnt the skill of weaving from their ancestors. By supporting them, we ensure their skills are not lost and we are able to continue to offer these beautiful products to the market.

When washing your towels, be careful to avoid putting them with anything that may sang or pull such as velcro or zips.

When line drying your towels, it is best to hang them in the shade with good ventilation. Please avoid direct sunlight to prevent hardening of the pile and fading of the colours. 

For a fluffier finish, it is recommended you tumble dry your towel. Please be aware that the towel may shrink slightly in the dryer.

Please avoid using fabric softener or bleach, as it may diminish absorbency and weaken the fibres. 

Read our full care instructions here.

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