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About Us

Towels are more than simply a necessity; with Ottoloom, you can add a touch of elegance and luxury to your daily routine.


Ottoloom creates one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality textiles with mindful attention to detail. Through thoughtful design and honouring traditional craftmanship, we hope to motivate others to take action toward better buying behaviours. 

At Ottoloom, we believe that bath towels are more than just useful things; they are an opportunity to add beauty and quality into your daily life. That is why we work with expert artisans in Southern Turkey who have been crafting our towels for generations using traditional, time-honored processes.

Each Ottoloom collection is exclusively designed In House, utilising texture, pattern and colour inspired by the places we’ve travelled and the nature around us.

Our towels are crafted using 100% GOTS certified organic Turkish cotton, making our products not only luxurious and absorbent but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Unlike other Turkish towels made on industrial machines with inferior cotton or synthetic fibres, our turkish towels are made on traditional wooden shuttle looms that take days to thread and months to weave. This laborious method allows us to produce towels that are not only more durable but also have a distinct texture and feel that machines cannot reproduce.

Our luxurious and one-of-a-kind designs match any home interior while adding texture and warmth to your bathroom.

Turkish Towels

The Traditional Weaving Tradition

The tradition of Turkish weaving is on the brink of extinction. Hand weaving has been passed down from mother to child for millennia, passing along this beautiful and infinitely useful art form from generation to generation.

This unique legacy was interrupted 40 years ago when industrial-made textiles took over the market. Shuttle looms were no longer commonplace, and the tradition of female weavers carrying on their teaching heritage began to fade.

Ottoloom has made it their mission to revive this endangered art form. We are committed to nurturing and empowering marginalised rural women to learn weaving, spinning, and dying skills, as well as growing the next generation of teachers.

Our Weavers

We are passionate about working with Turkey's few remaining traditional weaving families. Just 17 families in Turkey still use traditional looms, and few of them have the knowledge and skills required to create our thick looped towels.

We are committed to desiging beautiful and functional things that you will cherish for years to come at Ottoloom.

We believe that by investing in our towels, you're not only purchasing a high-quality product, but also supporting a history of craftsmanship and preserving a cultural tradition that is on the verge of extinction.

 Turkish Weaving

At Ottoloom we encourage New Zealanders to shop small and invest in original, luxury design pieces that have been made with century old techniques. When you make a purchase from us you are also supporting this historic craft and Turkish artisans.

Our Turkish towels are timeless both in quality and in design. With each purchase we hope to bring you a piece of luxury for you to love.

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