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Ottoloom towels are made by weavers in Southern Turkey who have been using the same timehonoured techniques and traditional, wooden shuttle looms for centuries.

Ottoloom Milan Hand Towel

Every piece we sell can be traced back to a family workshop and is guaranteed to be made with 100% (GOTS) certified organic Turkish cotton. GOTS is recognised as the world’s leading standard for textiles made from organic fibres. Aside from the environmental benefits, organic cotton is more absorbent, dries faster, remains soft, and is better at reducing moisture-induced bacteria, which means your products will never smell musty.

Most Turkish towels are produced on factory machines using inferior quality cotton or synthetic fibres. The speed and size of the machines means that the threads need to be coated in starch and wax to prevent them breaking during production. The final product will not absorb water as well and only lasts a few years when compared with Ottoloom’s, which last at least 20 years.

Finally, Ottoloom’s towels are beautiful! Our elegant and unique designs mean that they’ll complement whatever style you have in your home and bring a new element of texture and warmth to your bathroom.

We work directly with Turkey’s few remaining weaving families and our materials are sourced in the same country.

Beyond these families and a few individuals, there is very little left of Turkey’s once thriving weaving industry. With the proliferation of machine-made replicates, in just 30 years, nearly all of the country’s traditional weaving villages have disappeared and many families have lost their livelihood.

Currently there are only 17 families in Turkey who use traditional looms and only three of these have the knowledge and skill needed to make our thick looped towels. As opposed to the minutes it takes to produce a factory towel, an Ottoloom towel takes three days to thread and then many more to weave.

We are proud to design and craft beautiful pieces that we know you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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