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Caring for your Organic Turkish Towels


As a hand-made, luxury product, each item must be treated according to the instructions below, in order to achieve its maximum life span. 

First Time Use

Organic cotton needs to be broken in to achieve optimal absorbency, as it hasn't been treated with chemicals like other cotton.

We recommend you soak your Turkish towels in cold water for approximately 24hrs, before use. This soaking process opens and expands the organic cotton fibre, allowing for maximum absorbency.

Thick Looped Towels: soak for 24 hours
Flat Woven Pestamels: soak for 6-12 hours 


Everyday Care

Machine wash your towel in a low temperature setting of 30-40C.  
You may tumble-dry the towels, however be careful not to over-dry, as this can damage the organic fibres. 

Avoid fabric softeners, as they reduce the natural absorbency by coating the fibres in chemicals. Be careful not to wash your towels with any items that may catch on the loops or tassels.  

Hand-tied Fringing & Tassels

Each Turkish towel is made by hand using traditional methods, including hand-tied fringing and tassels. If your tassel comes undone, please follow these instructions.

Step one: 

Divide the loose threads into two equal sections. 

Step two: 

Twist the two sections separately in a clockwise direction until each piece is twisted to the ends.

Step three: 

Twist the two sections together in the opposite (counter-clockwise) direction until the two sections are twisted completely. 

Step four: 

Tie a knot at the end and you are done. 

Natural Stain Treatment 

If your Turkish towels become dull or stained you can add 1/4 cup of baking soda and one cup of white vinegar to your wash, as a natural treatment. Please do not use bleach, it weakens fibres making them less absorbent and more fragile. 

Pulled Threads 

With some of our looser weave towels, it is not uncommon for a thread to snag or pull. If this occurs, simply snip the thread close to your towel or blanket with a pair of sharp scissors. Your hand loomed piece will not unravel or get any holes by doing this. 


When washing your towels, be careful to avoid putting them with anything that may sang or pull such as velcro or zips.

When line drying your towels, it is best to hang them in the shade with good ventilation. Please avoid direct sunlight to prevent hardening of the pile and fading of the colours. 

For a fluffier finish, it is recommended you tumble dry your towel. Please be aware that the towel may shrink slightly in the dryer. 

Please avoid using fabric softener or bleach, as it may diminish absorbency and weaken the fibres.