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What is the difference between Certified Organic Cotton and Standard Cotton?

Organic cotton is softer, stronger and more absorbent than non-organic cotton and has a much less harmful impact on the environment. It is entirely free of pesticides and chemicals normally sprayed on non-organic crops. It's natural anti-bacterial properties resist mildew, so you won’t get a smelly towel when it’s damp.

Because of the numerous benefits of organic cotton, at Ottoloom we only stock 100% certified organic cotton products.  You may have to pay slightly more than cheaper factory made non-organic products, but ours will last longer, are not harmful to sensitive skin and our towels are more absorbent – essential for flat woven thin towels.

Unfortunately many textiles in the market today are labelled ‘organic’. However, only 5% of towels sold worldwide are made from organic cotton and other natural fibres. The only way to know you are buying a genuinely organic item is if it’s made with certified organic materials.



What does GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard mean? 

Certified organic is the only way to guarantee what you are buying is truly organic.

GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international certification that demands strict environmental criteria on the entire manufacturing process.

It is the leading worldwide standard for growing, harvesting and processing natural fibres. It prohibits the use of harsh chemicals during production and processing, and requires safe and fair labour practices at facilities that process and manufacture textiles.

The manufacturing process of textiles and luxury towels often involves different facilities and processes before the final product reaches consumers and GOTS ensures that an organic certifier evaluates all phases of production. That includes farming, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and branding. The organic GOTS standard guarantees 95% organic cotton, considering the whole production process; from seed to finished product. This results in in pure, soft, strong, totally natural organic cotton.

The other important benefit of certified organic cotton is it guarantees high quality cotton.  The quality of 100% cotton varies greatly, which you will know if you have purchased cheap cotton items and more expensive ones.

Generally your cheaper item will not last nearly as long as a higher quality cotton product.  Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether what you are buying is high quality so if it is labelled certified organic, you can feel certain it’s a product that will last.

For more information about how our products are made and the ethical practices we support, see our FAQ’s page or other blog posts.