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Discover Ottoloom's 100% Organic Turkish Towels

Never thought you’d invest in towels? We hear you – buying a Turkish towel is an adjustment. But just like forgoing single use plastic bags or buying a reusable coffee cup, our Ottoloom traditional Turkish towels offer you and the environment many benefits.

Our towels have a 100% organic cotton makeup means they are more absorbent, dry faster, remain soft and reduce bacteria. They’ll never smell musty and will far outlast your ordinary old scratchy towel. They are also eco-friendly and support traditional Turkish weavers who are upholding a time-honoured tradition in the face of factory machine alternatives.

The bottom line is once you discover 100% organic Turkish towels, there’s no going back. So, the only question remaining is, which Turkish towel should you try first?

Organic Face Cloths and Hand Towels

If you want to add to your skincare routine with an indulgent and nourishing touch, starting with a Turkish face cloth or hand towel is a good idea. They are a small and affordable way to dip your toes into the world of Turkish towels and you’ll love their luxurious softness as you dry your face and hands.

Organic Beach Towels

For those of you who want to make a statement, start your towel transformation by choosing a Turkish beach towel. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you dry off after splashing around in the sea, and you won’t have to worry about buying a new beach towel each year – these ones last. As a bonus, Ottoloom’s Turkish beach towels are light and easy to pack, make an excellent sunbathing companion, and come in gorgeous patterns that will stand out at the beach.

Organic Bath or Pool Towels

We simply couldn’t imagine wrapping any other bath towel around our shoulders post bath or shower. Our NZ designed, Turkish bath towels add such elegance and class to the bathroom, changing the tone of the room as well as new wallpaper or a fresh lick of paint. Our organic bath towels are soft and luxurious on your skin and work just as well after a swim at the pool as they do in the bathroom. If you’re looking to make a change that benefits yourself, your bathroom and the planet, start with a bath towel.

Pure Luxury – A Whole Organic Bath Towel Set

Invest in a matching set of Turkish towels and feel the benefits of quality, organic yarns wherever you are – at the beach or just out of the shower, drying your hands or washing your face. Once you receive just one of our towels, you’ll quickly realise you want more. So, save on shipping and admin and invest in an entire set from the outset!

Start your towel transformation with an Ottoloom Turkish towel of your choice.