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Behind The Brand - Meet Georgia

Ottoloom was born out of desire to bring artisan made textiles from across the globe to New Zealand. Ottoloom is a NZ-based designer and stockist of the finest quality certified organic cotton Turkish towels that are hand loomed by artisans in small batches in Southern Turkey. Director Georgia, talks to us about her towels which are a pure luxury in the home.


Where did it all begin?

Ottoloom started as a smaller collection of beach towels, then slowly expanded into the thick-looped designs. Today it is continuously growing and working towards bringing unique yet beautiful designs and pieces to New Zealand. 

Why are ethics and sustainability important to you?

Staying connected to our weavers and families is so important to us. Ottoloom towels are made by weavers in Southern Turkey who have been using the same time-honoured techniques and traditional, wooden shuttle looms for centuries. 

Each piece we sell can be traced back to a family workshop and is guaranteed to be made with 100% (GOTS) certified organic Turkish cotton. Today we are seeing so many mass produced products hit the market and store shelves, it feels good to know that we are supporting families trying to keep ancient traditions and ways of making things alive. 

What values does Ottoloom live by? 

We want to bring unique artisan made textiles to Antipodean homes – something that feels a little bit special, but will also last a life time. We are all about designing and crafting well made products that are just as beautiful as they are kind on the environment. 

How would you describe your interiors aesthetic? 

I love things that are minimal and timeless, but also have an element of character. We believe our Turkish Towels are for everyone. In my home, you'll find a different range on display each week – depending on our mood or energy. There is something about our designs that can really cater to your emotions and bring a smile to your face each day. 

What's next for Ottoloom?

We are working on a new design which we are so excited about... we cannot say too much just yet. Watch this space!

Georgia x