At Ottoloom we support artisans who make beautiful products made to last.  Our mantra is buy less and buy well.  We source handmade, and products produced using traditional methods, from around the world. They are luxurious yet practical and aim to reward your senses and bring joy into everyday life.  Here is the story of our products…
From Turkey:
We work directly with Turkey’s remaining weaving families. Beyond these artisans and a few scattered individuals, there is virtually nothing left of Turkey’s once-thriving weaving industry. In just 30 short years, nearly all the country’s traditional weaving villages have disappeared. All of our weavers are Turkish and all of our materials are sourced in Turkey.
A woven item is very special in today's market, not just because of its beauty, but due to its endurance: flat-woven towels outlast factory-made by almost three times and, in the case of thicker, looped towels, between five and six times longer. When you combine the strength and integrity that a woven product can offer with the highest quality natural fibres, then you have a product with a level of quality that is a rarity these days.
All of our Ottoloom products are made on old-style wooden shuttled looms. We work only with natural materials.  Anything with cotton threads is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic Turkish cotton, which certifies that our cotton threads are organically grown, processed and dyed.  Beyond the environmental benefits of using organic cotton - for the earth, the water table, and the people who pick the cotton - organically processed cotton is more absorbent, and releases moisture more effectively and has its own natural bacteria fighting ability, which has not been damaged by chemically processing and, therefore, will not smell musty. Organic cotton also is easier to clean and will not go hard over time.   

From Japan:
Gently crafted yarn and careful weaving makes Kontex towels incredibly soft, yet durable enough for everyday use. Modern machines are ideal for speedy mass production, but delicate yarns are often damaged because it cannot withstand the stresses of high speed weaving. 
To preserve the delicate properties of the yarn, traditional machines are used which weave gently and slowly. This results in stylish, functional and long lasting products.
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