New to Turkish towels?

Find out why they are so much better than traditional bulky terry towels...


Flat woven Turkish towels have been used in Turkish hamam (baths) since the Ottoman Empire as they are light to wrap around the body yet highly absorbent. It's just taken a little longer for the rest of the world to cotton on to them (no pun intended!).

They are incredibly practical for the summer months as they are just as absorbent as terry towels, but they take up far less room in your bag and washing machine, they dry super fast and, THE BEST THING, they don't hold sand due to their flat weave.  They are also super stylish - style and practicality, what a combo!

You may be skeptical at first as the towels are thinner than terry ones.  However, once you try one you won't go back.

Ottoloom towels are all hand loomed and made with certified organic cotton or natural linen.  This means they last 3-6 times longer than manufactured Turkish towels. Organic cotton is more absorbent, more durable and softer than other cotton.

For more info about Turkish towels and how ours are made, visit our FAQ's page.

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