Why good quality towels are worth it

We claim to reward your senses with our products.  This is the feeling of happiness you get when slipping into a bed made with top quality sheets, or the sun on your face on a crisp winter's day.  The same reward comes from good quality towels.  They feel deliciously soft and soak up water instantly. So snuggly, you could wander in your towel all day.

So like good quality sheets, good quality towels are worth every penny.  Life is about being happy right?!

The exquisite weave of our Majorca thick looped towel - all done by hand!

Mass produced factory towels on the other hand provide little reward - for your senses or wallet.  I used to buy the supposedly best range of towels from (best not to name it but it starts with B)! Six months later, these were often frayed or holed.  They turn to cardboard after washing and worse still feel slippery when used as they don't absorb water particularly well at all - a dreadful feeling!

Good quality towels are an investment but they reward you with happiness and are actually kind to your wallet too as you don't need to replace your towels often - our thick towels last at least 20 years!

So put some happiness in your life with beautiful towels.  Don't save them just for guests...make yourself feel good every day!  You're worth it!