Did you know? Why most towels smell musty when damp, and feel crunchy when washed

The majority of towels on the market are treated with chemicals to speed up absorbency and reduce lint. This actually causes the towel to be less absorbent than it should be as it kills the cotton.  It also makes the towels smell musty and feel hard or crunchy when dried in the sun.

Our certified organic towels have not been treated with any chemicals so they won’t smell musty and they become softer the more they’re washed. Because the cotton is untreated, our towels are more absorbent than non-organic towels.  However, this does take a bit of time as the un-killed cotton takes a while to be broken in.

Oh and by the way – ever noticed that the band at the end of your terry towel shrinks when washed but the rest of the towel doesn’t?  This is because the band is made with 100% polyester.  Yup, what you thought was a lovely ‘100%’ cotton towel is actually filled with polyester!

Beautiful fluffy organic cotton